Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Words in an Art

Words can be an ideal vessel for emotions,

Discovered too that art holds well for both words and emotions,

With proper guidance from left to right on my own feelings,

Let these take form in artful creations.

Bracelet of freshwater pearls to counter the saline dives,

Rose quartz for serenity in the waters,

Safety of bearer garnered from  Aquamarine Stones,

Shape still requires painless chiselling and tinkerings,

Sterling silver keeping them in place to ward off all dangers.

A pearl guarded by the encircling dolphin for the earring,

Oriented in symphony despite different personalities in the pairing,

Coin pearl takes over the moon in the symbolizing,

Dolphins never have the privilege of sleeping,

Love that does not rest is indeed a factful saying.

Curve of the tail of the dolphin for relentless striving,

Studded with the quartz of loyalty for caring,

My love for you is sincerely undying.

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