Thursday, 10 September 2015

Life is No Fairy Tale

Real life is never a fairy tale,

Of a happily ever after with a princess in the castle,

Animations brighten the title,

Beast as always the abominable, 

Belle the Beauty; always adorable,

One with frown and brawn is too agreeable,

Another with a smile just too unforgettable,

Life lived with silent sacrifice,

Til the heart finds truce,

That everything done is worth the while,

Worth the lived life,

No regrets amenable,

With the last of moments left to assemble,

An art  of Love and Courage,

A memento by someone,

Who yearns nothing more than to hug you goodbye,

Kiss you on the cheek and smile,

Wishing you safety, health and forever Love,

He the forever Beast leaves his final words articulable,

Tears streamed to no audile,

Strength summoned to the finale,

Not down the aisle,

Just down the memory lane,

Of my Love for you that shall not die,

This is the only ever after for now of this tale.

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