Thursday, 10 September 2015

Life is No Fairy Tale

Real life is never a fairy tale,

Of a happily ever after with a princess in the castle,

Animations brighten the title,

Beast as always the abominable, 

Belle the Beauty; always adorable,

One with frown and brawn is too agreeable,

Another with a smile just too unforgettable,

Life lived with silent sacrifice,

Til the heart finds truce,

That everything done is worth the while,

Worth the lived life,

No regrets amenable,

With the last of moments left to assemble,

An art  of Love and Courage,

A memento by someone,

Who yearns nothing more than to hug you goodbye,

Kiss you on the cheek and smile,

Wishing you safety, health and forever Love,

He the forever Beast leaves his final words articulable,

Tears streamed to no audile,

Strength summoned to the finale,

Not down the aisle,

Just down the memory lane,

Of my Love for you that shall not die,

This is the only ever after for now of this tale.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Words in an Art

Words can be an ideal vessel for emotions,

Discovered too that art holds well for both words and emotions,

With proper guidance from left to right on my own feelings,

Let these take form in artful creations.

Bracelet of freshwater pearls to counter the saline dives,

Rose quartz for serenity in the waters,

Safety of bearer garnered from  Aquamarine Stones,

Shape still requires painless chiselling and tinkerings,

Sterling silver keeping them in place to ward off all dangers.

A pearl guarded by the encircling dolphin for the earring,

Oriented in symphony despite different personalities in the pairing,

Coin pearl takes over the moon in the symbolizing,

Dolphins never have the privilege of sleeping,

Love that does not rest is indeed a factful saying.

Curve of the tail of the dolphin for relentless striving,

Studded with the quartz of loyalty for caring,

My love for you is sincerely undying.

Monday, 7 September 2015


Living in one's shadow is tiring,
But caring for someone ain't exhausting,
Cause LOVING someone UNCONDITIONALLY is Amazing.

Love needs no reminding,
It needs mostly sincere nurturing,
With no qualms in sacrificing,
One's life then is truly worth living.

I am not giving you too much credit,
You are just too humble to accept it,
I love you cause you are worth it.

I may not deserve you at all,
I  deserve the cold shoulders and distance,
I deserve too to show I care,
I deserve to show that you deserve nothing but the best,
I deserve to hold your hands and hug your pain and worries away,
When you are smiling your best,
Then I will put my pitiful soul to rest.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Plateful of Love

Why did I ever choose to put food on a plate?

Was it because it is my passion and forte?

A nostalgic recap in waves of message,

A fool does realize,

Who was there to motivate and encourage,

Food is my celebration of love,

Love is indeed incorrigible,

It takes courage, hope and sincerity to measure,

Just like ingredients with abstract volume,

An art that imparts all ingredients being intimate,

When combined; absolutely immaculate,

In  a world when emotions are intense,

One always falls short of chance,

Yet I never stopped to compare,

As I have a date with time,

With the times I have to spare,

Keeps me lingering in the bay of the timely force,

Staying seems distance and decisions could hardly transmute,

Summoning of courage to ensure,

All in deliverance for a smile,

Just from souls I truly love,

Even just as a memory to aspire,

Loving them has always been an inspire,

You all have given me the ultimate recipe,

A Recipe made of Love.






Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Of Courage & Honor

Courage is a hard thing to figure,

One can have courage from a dumb idea or even a mistake,

One can never question his own mind seeking for courage,

Maybe the state of mind knows what is the best for me cause it knows where I come from,

This is why courage is indeed tricky,

Should I do what others always tell me to do?

Sometimes I will never know what I am doing,

Any fool can have the courage,

But honor is the reason I do something and I don't,

It is solely on who I am and who I want to be,

If I did die trying for something of undisputed importance,

Then I'd have both courage and honor,

I will always hope for courage,

Courage to pick up the broken bits,

Courage to say I am sorry for sheer idiocy,

Courage to show that I am for real in my feelings,

Courage to own up even if it was just for guffaws,

Courage to pick myself up when I am down,

A motto to keep the spirits up,

Always hope and pray for the ever elusive courage,

Then I believe I shall achieve honor with all the collected pieces of courage.

To see the glittering lights and embrace the cheers,

All second to none to see your smile again,

Which is nothing short of courage as it needs all mustered strength to summon.

Just to have the honor of your smile.