Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Of Courage & Honor

Courage is a hard thing to figure,

One can have courage from a dumb idea or even a mistake,

One can never question his own mind seeking for courage,

Maybe the state of mind knows what is the best for me cause it knows where I come from,

This is why courage is indeed tricky,

Should I do what others always tell me to do?

Sometimes I will never know what I am doing,

Any fool can have the courage,

But honor is the reason I do something and I don't,

It is solely on who I am and who I want to be,

If I did die trying for something of undisputed importance,

Then I'd have both courage and honor,

I will always hope for courage,

Courage to pick up the broken bits,

Courage to say I am sorry for sheer idiocy,

Courage to show that I am for real in my feelings,

Courage to own up even if it was just for guffaws,

Courage to pick myself up when I am down,

A motto to keep the spirits up,

Always hope and pray for the ever elusive courage,

Then I believe I shall achieve honor with all the collected pieces of courage.

To see the glittering lights and embrace the cheers,

All second to none to see your smile again,

Which is nothing short of courage as it needs all mustered strength to summon.

Just to have the honor of your smile.

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